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The City of Rowlett is beginning a major new project that will result in a comprehensive rewrite of the City’s land use regulations. These regulations include: 

  • The Form-Based Code (FBC), which applies to specific parts of the city such as Downtown, North Shore, and Sapphire Bay; and

  • The Rowlett Development Code (RDC), which applies in all other parts of the city.


Taken together, the regulations guide how development should occur in the community. They are also the primary tools used to implement the Realize Rowlett comprehensive plan, which was updated in 2019. 
Overarching goals for the update of these regulations include: 

  • Establishing a simpler and more consistent set of development procedures.

  • Restructuring and unifying the two sets of land use regulations.

  • Identifying opportunities to achieve City goals related to future development, such as housing and economic development.

  • Making the new development regulations more user-friendly, searchable, and easy to understand.

  • Creating more predictable development outcomes.


The update of the land use regulations is being managed by a project team comprised of City staff from the Community Development and Engineering Departments, with support from Clarion Associates, a national land-use consulting firm. 

Stakeholder Engagement Group

Recode Rowlett is being guided by a Stakeholder Engagement Group appointed by City Council that includes neighborhood and citizen representatives, leaders of nonprofit organizations, development professionals, elected officials, and members of the Planning and Zoning Commission. The group will regularly meet with the project team, review and comment on interim work product and drafts of the updated regulations, and provide outreach to and feedback from their constituencies.


The members of the Stakeholder Engagement Group are:

  • ​Larry Tucker, Neighborhood Leader

  • Bill Wright, Neighborhood Leader

  • Michael Gallops, Non-Profit Leader

  • Rick Sheffield, Non-Profit Leader

  • Bart Reeder, Development Professional

  • Preston Walhood, Development Professional

  • Quinn Segars, Planning and Zoning Commission

  • John Cote, Planning and Zoning Commission

  • Blake Margolis, City Council (Mayor)

  • Brian Galuardi, City Council

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