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Updating the City’s development regulations is a major undertaking and will require substantial community input and collaboration among a wide range of Rowlett stakeholders. Below is a summary of the project timeline and major project milestones.

  • Task 1: Project Kickoff
    To kick off the project, the team is taking a deep dive into the Rowlett Development Code (RDC) and Form-Based Code (FBC) and evaluating how well these regulations work. The team reviewed background ordinances, plans, and related materials in advance of an initial visit to the City. During the visit, the team met with City staff, the project's Stakeholder Advisory Group, members of the City Council and Planning Commission, and other community stakeholders, as well as City staff. These meetings helped the team learn where the current regulations are work well, and ways in which they can be improved. The team also toured Rowlett with City staff to better understand the City's current land uses and how key development code issues are playing out in practice. The project kickoff is continuing with virtual interviews with City staff and additional stakeholders.
  • Task 2: Code Assessment
    Following the initial kickoff, review of the RDC and FBC, and interviews with key stakeholders, the project team will evaluate the current development regulations in detail and prepare a report that outlines the major issues to be addressed in the update project. This evaluation will be based not only on the team's independent review but also stakeholder feedback and the policies and goals embedded in the City's plans. The assessment likely will incorporate potential new approaches for Rowlett based on national and local best practices. Along with the evaluation, the assessment will include an annotated outline that suggests the organization of a revised code that combines the RDC and FBC into one set of regulations, and will serve as a roadmap for the drafting of an updated code. After the assessment is released to the public, the project team will meet with the public and key stakeholders to receive comments and direction on any changes that should be made to the code roadmap before drafting takes place.
  • Task 3: Draft Development Code
    During this stage of the process, the project team will develop the Unified Development Code (UDC) that will combine elements of the RDC and FBC into an integrated set of development regulations. Because a UDC is a lengthy and complicated set of regulations, it will be drafted in three different modules with related provisions. After the project team has prepared each module and made revisions on the initial draft based on feedback from staff, the draft will be released to the public, and feedback sought from key stakeholders and the general public. Drafts will be made available on this website for all to review.
  • Task 4: Adoption
    After receiving input on the Consolidated Draft, the project team will create an Adoption Draft that will be considered for recommendation by the Planning Commission and approval by the City Council.
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